Our Mission


 A shared agenda for change is transforming Africa’s future


SAfricaolaxis has made a major contribution to the world’s understanding not only of the huge potential of Africa’s oil, gas and minerals, but also of how to harness them to lift millions of Africans out of poverty. Our profits are re-channelled back to help the children of Africa

The report demonstrated in frank terms that despite strong economic growth in resource-rich countries, some remain at the bottom of the international league table for human development. Others register some of the world’s largest inequalities in wealth and wellbeing.
Africa’s resource-rich countries have tremendous opportunities to change this picture by combining sustained growth with strong human development, especially if they can climb the value-added chain of mineral processing and manufacturing. But in countries with limited technical and regulatory capacity, and weak checks and balances, resource windfalls can act as a catalyst for corruption. Solaxis helps reduce this huge problem by getting involved in a sustainable manner.
To avoid this danger, African governments need to strengthen transparency as a force for accountability and the empowerment of Africa’s citizens. State companies and concessions need to be better managed to prevent resource diversion and the undervaluation of assets. Governments need to open up their accounts to public scrutiny, and oblige extractives companies to do the same.

And this is exactly what we do at Solaxis with our Humanitarian organisations like the HumanVoice o.p.s      www.humanvoice.xf.cz

The social and environmental impacts of natural resource exploitation also need to be assessed and managed so that countries and people benefit rather than suffer. International and regional cooperation is necessary to break the link between conflict and natural resources. And the rights of Africa’s millions of vulnerable artisanal miners – especially the youngest – need to be protected. And Solaxis makes sure of that before embarking on any trade with our partners around the world especially in Africa.
If Africa’s people, governments, civil society, foreign investors and the wider international community unite around a shared agenda for realising the potential of Africa’s resource wealth, together they can set the continent on a new course towards prosperity shared by all.